CHP Turns Five

Erin D. Coffey, Audition Management

“As I reflect on the 5th anniversary of the CHP, I realize that some of my fondest memories with the company involve my favorite person in the whole world; me. Truly, CHP would be nothing without my finely honed ability to detect actors with a certain artistic genius and willingness to work non-equity shows.  Indeed, many thespianic careers were shaped by my insightful wisdom during my tenure as Master and Commander of Talent; whether it be Stefanie Frame, whose Pat Benatar-meets-Patti-Smith-and-brushes-her-hair stylings I insisted were perfect for CHP's production of Tucker in a Box (I was right), or that unfortunate soul who I advised should refrain from auditioning for parts requiring a soul (You now know him as Robert Pattinson). All in all, I'm proud to claim credit for CHP's success, and will continue to do so unless that court injunction is upheld in the New York State Court of Appeals. So congratulations on your anniversary, CHP -- you couldn't have done it without me.” 

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Edward P. Clapp, Co-Founder, Playwright

Matt Huffman, Actor
Julia A. Middleton, Resident Stage Manager

Nina Morrison, Casting Consultant

Brian Morvant, Collaborator, Actor
Barbara A. Nellis, Chair of the Board

Rebecca V. Nellis, Co-Founder, Director

Stacey C. Rivera, Production Team

Paul Sapp, Playwright

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