Collective Hole Turns Five!

On February 13th the Hole celebrates its fifth anniversary.  To commemorate this milestone CHP has gone to the source asking those closest to the work to offer up their thoughts on this momentous occasion, to see what they have to say click here

Thank you to every single actor who auditioned, audience member who attended, funder who supported us, partner organization who collaborated, friend who listened because it is you who make up the rich story of Collective Hole.  Those of us who are privileged enough to make the work are in your debt.  We are truly grateful to everyone who has been a part of the first five years!

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CHP Dialogues

In the Autumn of 2009 as part of CHP’s ongoing interest in sharing the process of making theatre, Stacey C. Rivera sat down for the first of several dialogues with Paul Sapp and Brian Morvant.  Their initial conversations centered around each of their backgrounds, work and interest in CHP.  She also interviewed Rebecca V. Nellis via email about the origins of CHP, her creative process and the company’s recent transitions.  To see what they all had to say visit our Dialogue Page.

Collective Hole Productions (CHP) is a New York City-based independent theatre company that is devoted to developing engaging and relevant original theatre; building networks of artistic collaborators and community partners; bringing the arts to diverse audiences and being socially/environmentally minded in its practice and business relationships.


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CREW Happy Hours

It has been critical to Collective Hole’s process to raise a glass and engage its community of friends and supporters in good conversation—that’s why we established CREW Happy Hours!  Click here to learn more about CREW Happy Hour sessions.

Rock the Hole!

We know, we know, we know... you dig the Hole and you want the world to know it.  Our Gear Page provides you with a diverse selection of apparel and houseware options to help you express your enthusiasm.

We’re Green!

Ever conscious of its carbon foot-print, Collective Hole is proud to have it’s website hosted by AISO, an entirely solar powered web provider.