CHP Turns Five

Barbara Nellis, Chair of the Board

“To run a successful small theater company in the toughest city in the world is no small thing.  So as the Chair of the Board, five years is something to salute. To the writers, the director, the actors, the crew, the stage manager (I am related to some of these people) and the people who donated money, I applaud all of you.  As for specific memories: Barnett [Cohen] was so perfect in Run the Maze, Burn the Maze, the blue casket prop story (I am STILL telling that one), and the fact that none of the plays neatly tied up the world at the curtain.  Congratulations.” 

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Edward P. Clapp, Co-Founder, Playwright

Erin D. Coffey, Audition Management
Matt Huffman, Actor
Julia A. Middleton, Resident Stage Manager

Nina Morrison, Casting Consultant

Brian Morvant, Collaborator, Actor
Rebecca V. Nellis, Co-Founder, Director

Stacey C. Rivera, Production Team

Paul Sapp, Playwright

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