CHP Turns Five

Julia A. Middleton, Resident Stage Manager

“My favorite CHP memories all revolve around the casket for Tucker in a Box.  Finding THE casket turned into an unexpected adventure, like many in my time with the Hole, that should definitely be included in the history book.  Edward and I had looked at caskets at prop shops and decided none of them worked.  In comes Edward's mother using her maiden name to convince the Brooklyn Casket Company and more specifically Joey to lend her son, who I'm pretty sure they thought was 5, a casket for a play.  We went to collect it and had to wait in a holding pen until Joey could come and talk to us about the pastel blue, used casket.  We were weirded out but took the casket and ran for fear that they would reconsider.  We didn't talk in the car until we were back over the bridge in Manhattan and convinced no one was coming for us.  The highlight: a voicemail to Rebecca confirming that we had secured the casket.  A casket that went on to have a roadtrip to Massachusetts on the Saturday afternoon before the show opened.  It lives in infamy.

Every Collective Hole season is different, I think that is truly part of the beauty of the company.  New people, new stories, new antics and 2010 was no different.  Michael Jackson had an important role in the play but in some ways he was even more important in the moments leading up to the house opening.  The 2010 crew listened to a lot of Michael songs to prepare for the play and after careful consideration, settled on Man in the Mirror as our theme song.  So every, and I mean every, time we ran the play (with or without an audience) we listened to Man in the Mirror as loud as the speakers would allow to get in the right mindset to have a good show.  And in my opinion, it never failed us.  Except for that time when Matt Huffman played his role like a child molester... but that's a whole other story.

In general, the reason I love the Hole is because it was my first 'family' in New York and remains an important part of my life even now that I am halfway around the world and a day ahead.  I am incredibly proud of all that the Hole has accomplished and feel very lucky to have been a part of each season, to see the Crew grow and evolve.

Happy Birthday CHP, and many more.” 

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Edward P. Clapp, Co-Founder, Playwright

Erin D. Coffey, Audition Management
Matt Huffman, Actor
Nina Morrison, Casting Consultant

Brian Morvant, Collaborator, Actor
Barbara A. Nellis, Chair of the Board

Rebecca V. Nellis, Co-Founder, Director

Stacey C. Rivera, Production Team

Paul Sapp, Playwright

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