CHP Turns Five

Brian Morvant, Collaborator, Actor

“I especially enjoyed a brief dance break before performances of Appetite for Destruction. We'd play music for the pre-show, and right before we let the audience in we'd all to a lil’ diddy backstage, having a great time. It was a blast, and a perfect example of how the Hole brought us all together as artists and friends. Silly dancing friends who also make theatre.” 

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Edward P. Clapp, Co-Founder, Playwright

Erin D. Coffey, Audition Management
Matt Huffman, Actor
Julia A. Middleton, Resident Stage Manager

Nina Morrison, Casting Consultant

Barbara A. Nellis, Chair of the Board

Rebecca V. Nellis, Co-Founder, Director

Stacey C. Rivera, Production Team

Paul Sapp, Playwright

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