CHP Turns Five

Matt Huffman, Actor

“Collective Hole to me:  Michael Jackson met a Kraken at a place called the Scratch Hole.  They drank champagne in a roach trap of a motel littered with rose petals,  while eating processed meats and cheeses, while reading children’s books about a gaggle of Elvis impersonators who were discussing the metaphysical implications of Ceteris Paribus as it relates to those thinking of a marriage proposal.  It’s either that or simply me hanging out with three HOT babes for three weeks all by myself which is far more probable.  Although, as I search my memory, I seem to remember a kilted red headed guy (named Th, of course) lurking in the corner of the room, his breath laced strong with peat and his legs spread wide. Yikes!  Perhaps this isn’t such a fond memory after all!  CONGRATS COLLECTIVE HOLE! HAPPY FIFTH! Here’s to another FANTASTIC FIVE!!!  RELEASE THE KRAKEN!!!!!!!!” 

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Edward P. Clapp, Co-Founder, Playwright

Erin D. Coffey, Audition Management
Julia A. Middleton, Resident Stage Manager

Nina Morrison, Casting Consultant

Brian Morvant, Collaborator, Actor
Barbara A. Nellis, Chair of the Board

Rebecca V. Nellis, Co-Founder, Director

Stacey C. Rivera, Production Team

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